VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (3/19)

Spring is just around the corner – literally! I just can’t wait. All that rain last weekend was just all I can take of this winter.

So it looks like yours truly will be attending a couple of conventions next month – Sakura-Con and C2E2. April is shaping up to be a busy month.

Have you guys been following men’s college basketball NCAA tournament action? The first round of the men’s regional was really something. It looks like a lot of people’s brackets got busted in one night. Especially if most people picked teams from the Big East – they were the conference favored to have the most advance and they ended up only having one – Villanova (JUST BARELY) advance last night. At least folks here in Center City in Philly can sorta breathe a sigh of relief. I stayed up watching eighth seed Texas take on ninth seed Wake Forest. That was crazy how Wake won in OT. I can only imagine how the folks back at Austin felt about that – since they do squeeze Longhorn action in between SXSW. I can’t wait to see if today’s matches will have upsets galore.

And now on to what’s new on Comcast VOD:

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge —> FUNimation Anime —> Funimation Platinum

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge —> FUNimation Anime —> Funimation Free

And starting 3/22, catch episodes of El Cazador De La Bruja on the linear service. The show kicks ballz…for real! For the latest TV listings, jump here.

Coming soon to VOD in April are:

  • Initial D 3rd Stage movie (FUNimation Platinum)
  • Initial D 4th Stage (FUNimation Platinum)
  • Case Closed 6 movie: The Phantom of Baker Street (FUNimation Platinum)
  • Monster (FUNimation Free)
  • Kenichi Season 2 (FUNimation Free)
  • Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2 (FUNimation Free)
  • Nana (FUNimation Free)

Have a good weekend!


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One response to “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (3/19)

  • T.G.

    No kidding! My bracket’s completely ruined thanks to Florida loosing and because of that I’m out of the San Gatsu No Madness Tournament too.

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